Learn Japanese

I’m learning Japanese several different ways: Adult Education courses, a special course offered through the Japanese Consulate, Books, Dictionaries, and Online Resources.  Here are some links to websites where you can learn Japanese for free, and also some books that have helped me a lot.

Easy Japanese

This site uses a lot of Flash, so make sure you have the latest version.  There are memory quizzes, quizzes for both kana’s, definitions of Kanji for tattoos, and more.  It’s also very colorful and kid-friendly. 

Free Japanese Lessons

They get right into the kanji and kanas and start teaching basic words and particles in the 3rd lesson.  Dive right in!  The site does seem a little cluttered, though… but it’s Free!

Learn Japanese Free

This is a no-frills site, for sure, but they’ve got links to Japanese songs and lyrics, which is good for people who learn that way.  That was a big part of how I started learning Spanish, and I still remember the songs more than 10 years later!

Japanese Online

Great sight design, first off.  You can register with them and create a profile.  Not only is it a good source for learning Japanese, they also have a lot of cultural information on the site as well.

Japanese Language Phrases

This is actually part of a military website.  It just has common useful Japanese phrases written in romaji (using roman characters/letters instead of the standard Japanese kanji, hiragana, and katakana).  It’s not a good source if you actually want to learn Japanese, but if you just want to pick up some phrases for a visit, this is pretty decent.

The Japanese Page

This page is very personable and community-based.  You can also register for an account here.  They have the basics, songs, how to write the kanas, and even links to blogs of English teachers in Japan.  This site is really interesting.


One Response to “Learn Japanese”

  1. Rayna May 25, 2010 at 1:37 pm #

    Have you checked out JapanesePod101? Awesome podcast, and you can go listen via the website too. And for subscribers there’s loads of additional resources, but I won’t be paying anytime soon. It’s not expensive though, in the scheme of things.
    Podcasts are geared to all different levels, tho I just listen to them all.

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