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14 Nov

I will update soon, I’ve been really tired lately, or not in the blogging state-of-mind if you understand.

Here’s a barebones update:

  • My birthday was last Tuesday, it was pretty cool.  I went to Kyoto with my Ni-Nensei students (7th graders)
  • I got a package in the mail from home, thanks Mom!
  • I might not go home to visit in January as planned because my sister, her husband, and baby Gabby may be in Antigua for half the time I want to come home. My opinion: it’s almost pointless to come if the baby won’t be there. Almost.
  • The temperature here is playfully dipping between winter colds and autumn warms on an almost daily basis.  I’m afraid for the winter that’s around the corner… my first one with snow.
  • I’m getting along really well with my teachers and students.
  • Some other JETs from San Francisco will be coming to visit next weekend.  I’m excited.
  • I would have to take a paid day off to avoid working on Christmas.  I just might do it because that might be too hard for me to handle – working on Christmas, no family around, not being home, etc.

So… yeah. Hopefully I shall return soon.


Finished, Finished, FINISHED!

16 May

I finished my video piece in time for the critique and I really did crank it out on Monday because it turned out really well and garnered mad kudos in class, even an “above and beyond” type of statement from the prof.  Can you say beaming?  I was so jazzed.  Here it is if you want to check it out:

I started a 2nd channel just for my art videos, 

My last day as an undergraduate was yesterday.  I didn’t get misty-eyed or anything, I actually didn’t really enjoy my time on the campus.  99% of what made it even slightly enjoyable was my department.  There was one class outside of the Art department that I thoroughly enjoyed for the discussion and the people I met in it.  Otherwise, 2.5 years at my current school gets totally pwned by the 3 years spent at San Jose State.  Probably because of I lived on or next-to camps most of the time and could do extra-currics and go hang out after class and the like.

I left for various personal reasons, but deep down I wish that SJSU was my alma mater instead.  But it’s what you make it, right?  I know I could have had a better time here at State if my living situation had been different.  A 50-mile commute makes extra-curriculars tough.  I mean, it makes just going to class tough!  So, I’m just ready to graduate and get the summer started!

Sorry sorry sorry, I’m back

10 May

So sorry for the long (unintended) leave of absence.  I didn’t mean to go away for so long.  Life has been insane.  I have one week left of school. my sister is pregnant and just learned yesterday the baby is a girl, (FTW!).  After caring for my grandmother for several months, she finally succumbed to bone cancer about 10 days ago.  I got in to the JET program and will be leaving in August for Japan.

More detailed updates to come, I’m just trying to get things in order and this next week coming up will be a little hectic.

Want to know what was stealing my time?

Super Funky

8 Jan

You ever get in a bit of a funk and you’re not really sure why? You know you just feel like crap and you spend a lot of time trying to mentally sort out all of your emotional rubbish? Yeah… that’s me right now.

Well, I’m not completely at a loss for what may be causing my current state of funk; I mean, 2008 is starting out with a bang, for sure. Talked to Daddy yesterday and turns out he might be splitting from his current wife. Mom is house-hunting so that means it’s time to move. I’m still waiting to hear back about an internship I interviewed for a couple weeks ago. I pretty much have no job at this point. Oh, and some other emotional confusion too. So I guess I was wrong… the source of this funk isn’t so ambiguous.

The whole thing with Dad is not official yet. Don’t get me wrong, my siblings and I absolutely can’t stand his wife. It’s been drama from day one and even though they’ve only been married for, what, 2.5 years(?), I wouldn’t even be able to sum up all the drama in this entry. Let’s just say she’s super rude/disrespectful/immature/jealous. She doesn’t understand that the relationship between Father and Children is supposed to be different than that of Husband and Wife, and for good reasons; but she has always been jealous of our relationship with our Dad. But I’ll tell you one thing, it has taken every single day of the past 12.5 years since my parents split to rebuild our relationship with my Dad and it will surely be a cold day in hell with demons ice skating on the Lake of Fire before some chick comes in thinking she can take that away from us.

And even though we didn’t like her, we never even tried to sabotage the relationship. I mean, had that been our plan, the four of us would have succeeded even before they got married. My siblings and I can naturally be very intimidating, but we’re an unstoppable force when we’re on a mission, so she should consider herself lucky… well, sort of. Her fatal move was last year when she made some sideways crack about us telling my mom her business and then my mom telling other people when that was not even the truth because my mom could care less about her. Big Sis almost jumped over the couch and beat her in the kitchen. Only her Fiancee (now husband) and Brother could hold her back but the wrath that was in her voice was pretty much unabated. Oh, aaaand Big Sis humbled herself and called her after we left and APOLOGIZED to try and make amends and wife-lady would not take that as an opportunity to squash the beef.

So needless to say, the Sibs and I are happy that she will soon be gone, but we are sad that Daddy will now be twice divorced and a bit discouraged.

Then over on the Mom side, for several reasons, we shall soon be moving. We’re staying in the area, just changing homes. Personally, I’ve been urging a move for the past 2 years but people are only just now agreeing with me. >.< But I hate moving. Honest to God, my family has moved about every 3 years since my parents split in ’95… so this’ll be *counting* the fifth time we’ve moved collectively since the split. And if you include my moving for college, that brings my personal total (only counting residences, not moving in plus moving out) up to 10 times.

I just can’t say it anymore plainly. I hate moving. The boxes, the packing, the organizing, the cleaning (the old and new places), the searching once you’ve moved, the settling in…. urggg.

I contacted the company I interviewed with a little while ago… they were STILL conducting interviews… at this point, I’m just like: Hire ME already! I’m the coolest one who most deserves the position!!!! Hopefully I’ll hear back from them by the end of the week because apparently I was a seasonal employee at Ye Olde Fabric Chain… even though I had been there for more than 6 months… o.O Go figure.

I think I’ve taken all I can stand from the customers anyway… swear, I love crafting and all that jive, but some of the people that come into crafting/fabric stores are straight up JERKS! And I’m talking about the regular Crafty ladies. Probably 40% of them are rude, nitpicky, impatient people. And you’d be AMAZED at how many people steal!!! I’m talking $40-$50 Gingher scissors, beads, notions, they rip the stuff right out of the package and leave it on the floor! They rip the wrapper off the remnants and shove it in their purses. They steal the red-tag stickers, stick them on regular-priced stuff and try to demand the red-tag price. It’s ridiculous.

So anyway… I think I will be starting a Vlog on YouTube soon… I’m trying to wait until I upgrade my computer in a couple weeks because I need a much faster processor to do the editing and other things I’m planning… so I’ll keep people updated… it would be a little different from this blog because I feel I’m much better at telling stories and conveying ideas visually than I am at typing stuff out… it’s a really different style. Visually is always more “*Stina”… so yeah….

Hopefully the rest of the month plays out more mellow…..

Yes, I call in sick for cramps

30 Nov

Monday, the first day back from Thanksgiving break, I didn’t go to school because I woke up with a bit of a “nervous” stomach and a menstrual cramping episode. I didn’t want to go all the way to campus (over an hour’s journey) just to get there and be reminded why I shouldn’t have gone. But, cramps?!, you say… you stayed home because of cramps?! Uhh, heck yes I did. One of my high school teachers says it takes women back a few steps to avoid responsibilities (work, school, etc.) because of one’s cycle; but she obviously doesn’t suffer crampage like me.

When I start cramping, I swear it’s like G.I. Joe put his Kung Fu Grip on my uterus. I’m afraid to leave the house to go to the movies 2 blocks away for fear that I’ll be struck with an episode and stranded somewhere without my trusty heating pad. And, no, Midol, Tylenol, Geritol (yes, I know, non-sequiter)… nothing works. The only thing that dulls the pain of my fallopian spasms is heat. There used to be these portable “heating pads” that I could get but I think they discontinued them. I was extremely disappointed, to say the least.

Out of the 4 ladies in my immediate family, I am the only one to suffer such pain on a consistent and regular basis. My brother once asked me what they felt like, and here’s how I described it:

Cramps, for me, are what I like to call the “Underwear of Pain”. Any place your underwear covers, that’s where it hurts for me. It’s like someone is giving you an Indian Burn on your insides and you can’t do anything to stop them. And just when you feel like they’ve tired of torturing you and the pain begins to fade away, you’re struck with another succession of waves of pain that force you, against your will, to curl into the fetal position because, somehow, your body thinks that will make everything better… but it doesn’t. And this happens to me 3-4 days a month, every month…

At that, my brother grimaced like he could really feel the pain and I know that no-so-deep-down inside he was thanking God for having made him a man.

Why don’t you just use birth control? I can hear people saying… I have used birth control in the past and I do find it convenient. I am not currently on birth control because, quite honestly, I am in no way sexually active and so I’m not particularly worried about having birth’s controlled and when my prescription expired I just never got around to renewing it. There are other reasons why I haven’t “gotten around to it” in the past 5 years, but that’s a little too personal and I don’t know you like that, Reader.

I meant to blog about something completely different, but hey, this is sort of interesting, too. I actually did a Video piece related to the subject earlier this year. It’s below if you want to watch it. It’s about 5 minutes long, but it’s got some funny in there too. If you do watch it, please rate and comment, that would be greaaaaat. So enjoy!

Chris Crocker is too funny

14 Sep

Britney Spears’ appearance at the VMA’s is all over the place. I didn’t even watch the show but I heard it was bad because everybody and their momma is talking about it

So I know by now everyone and said mothers have seen this clip on YT:

I immediately questioned the seriousness of the clip, and once I found he was sincere, I quickly realized that this was the funniest crap I’ve ever seen on YT. Funnier than the squirrel, funnier than a Star Wars Kid parody, funnier than Miss South Carolina (who is now, apparently, so last week),…. just.pure.hilarity.

All I wanna know now is, has Britney seen this? This might be the intervention she needs! Like, “dang, is my life really that tore up that someone ELSE is cryin and getting embarrassed for me?” She will immediately set down the crackpipe and put on some panties.

The parodies have already begun. Here, and here.