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Birthday Anxiety

10 Nov

So… my birthday is tomorrow. As it looms, I am completely gloomy and apprehensive about what tomorrow will bring. Yes, I said I didn’t want a party because of all the other stuff coming up in the next 5 weeks (Bridal Shower, Cotillion, Baby Shower, Wedding; all happening back-to-back for the next couple Saturdays)… but that didn’t mean I don’t want anything

My take on Birthdays is that it’s the one day of the year that I can be selfish. It’s the one day of the year that I don’t have to feel guilty for having attention and gifts lavished upon me. For the past couple years it’s really sucked. Last year I was out of town visiting my sister and no one did or said anything. I mean, even the people I traveled with barely even said Happy Birthday, let alone get cake.

The year before that I just sat around. No car, I live 50 miles away from school/friends; nothing special happened whatsoever. The year before, I got kicked out of my apartment a couple days before my birthday.

I don’t mean to throw a pity party, but it sucks when the one thing you ask for, that people really only have to pitch in $20/each to get you, isn’t going to come through because someone else is getting married in 5 weeks and all funds/efforts are funneled into that event. Whatever.

I haven’t lost all faith. I really hope that tomorrow proves me wrong. Oh God.


Old Blog – resurrected

29 Oct

I found my old blog from the last couple months of my first year in college. It’s over 4 years old and the account was never suspended. I’m almost tempted to just delete it, but it reminds me of some really good times I used to have with friends before we became room-mates, then not friends, then sort of friends again years later in an awkward relationship.

It also sort of chronicles my first real relationship, and I guess I sort of stopped blogging in it after we split. Can’t remember if that was the reason specifically….

Thanks Blogger for not deleting it =)

iPhone Price Cut Still Making Waves

15 Sep

When the bomb dropped last week that Steve Jobs initiated a $200 price cut on the hottest phone since the touchtone, a mere 10 weeks after its initial release, early adopters of the iPhone have been messing their pants they’re so irate. What they haven’t considered is that, obviously, they thought it was worth the 600 quid they paid on the first day.

Here are some lessons we should learn from the iPhone price cut (after the jump)
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