25 y/o San Francisco Bay Area native with a slighty different perspective, an odd sense of humor, and a penchant for sharing that opinion with you. Out of college and coming to grips with the sobering fact that making your way in the world today really does take everything you’ve got.  So I’m leaving the country for at least a year, and who knows what I’ll do when my time is up, I feel very nomadic at this point in life.

Mostly this blog is for posting things that come to my mind that I just don’t say out loud all the time.  I practice a lot of self-censorship so as not to overwhelm (or annoy) people and this can pretty much be viewed as an overflow of my thought processes and a bit of stuff that I want to jot down and be able to remember later on.

So… yeah… enjoy the blog.


2 Responses to “*Stina”

  1. Magik Quilter December 14, 2007 at 4:38 am #

    Dear Stina, Hi, haven’t read any of your stuff for a while mostly because the comment you left on my site links to your old Stinas projects blog..did you mean to do that? Today when I saw your new post on the tag surfer it was a different name……..she types….so I have put that on my blog surfer so I will always see when you post. Is it okay if I put this one………shetypes on my blogroll?
    Love Kathleen.

  2. Ali May 30, 2009 at 1:06 pm #

    Hey Stina,

    Sorry I missed you when you were back in the states for that short visit.

    I got the chance to speak to your mom at church this past Sunday and just expressed how much I miss you!

    Please send me your new email address so I can send you some of the wedding photos. There are some very nice ones of you and Cynthia.

    Anyway, please keep in touch….Love you…miss much!
    Ali Mae

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