iPhone Price Cut Still Making Waves

15 Sep

When the bomb dropped last week that Steve Jobs initiated a $200 price cut on the hottest phone since the touchtone, a mere 10 weeks after its initial release, early adopters of the iPhone have been messing their pants they’re so irate. What they haven’t considered is that, obviously, they thought it was worth the 600 quid they paid on the first day.

Here are some lessons we should learn from the iPhone price cut (after the jump)

1] In the economic laws of our capitalist society, if a buyer is willing to pay a seller’s price, exorbitant or otherwise, the seller is at no fault for accepting the payment. Again, you thought it was worth it.

“If they told me at the outset the iPhone would be $200 cheaper the next day, I would have thought about it for a second — and still bought it,” said Andrew Brin, a 47-year-old addiction therapist in Los Angeles. “It was $600 and that was the price I was willing to pay for it.”(1)

2] Don’t adopt early. When it comes to technology, if you’re just the everyday consumer and your living wage is not dependent upon being on the cutting edge of technology, you should wait before purchasing new gadgets, cars, computers, etc. If it’s a brand new model or product that has not yet proven its worth, you are basically paying to be a beta tester.

Now some of the purchasers new that and they copped to it:

Mr. Tofel was so annoyed with the surprising iPhone price drop that he was planning to make T-shirts that read, “I was a $200 iPhone beta tester for Apple.”(2)

3] If you bought it on the first day like this dude, you probably did it mostly to be able to brag that you got the coolest new toy on the first day

Enjoying that period of being among the first — before the price drops and the product reaches the masses — is part of the pleasure, Brin and others say…The looks of envy and attraction are an elixir.(2)

4] Research. Research is always key. If these people would have just done some simple research, they would have found this article posted way back in January and would have known, months before the release, that the inevitable price cut was coming. That’s just how the game works.

And lastly, if something like this ever happens to you, take your complaints straight to corporate. Don’t go into your local Apple store and whine, moan, and just be outright rude to the employees because you’re pissed at the price cut. Remember, they’re entry level, they don’t know Steve Jobs, and you will be better assisted if you don’t piss them off, duh!

Besides, you’ll make my sister’s day a whole lot easier.


(1) Apple CEO Steve Jobs Apologizes for iPhone Price Cut, CNN.com, September 7, 2007 – http://www.cnn.com/2007/TECH/biztech/09/06/apple.iphone.ap/index.html?eref=rss_tech
(2) iPhone Owners Crying Foul Over Price Cut, NY Times, September 7, 2007 – http://www.nytimes.com/2007/09/07/technology/07apple.html?ex=1189915200&en=b26fdb0eb5b4c3e5&ei=5070


One Response to “iPhone Price Cut Still Making Waves”

  1. Angela Natividad September 15, 2007 at 4:08 pm #

    Smart entry, Stina.

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